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Sushi Bar

Tastes of Asia
About us

Traces of the Far East on the Mediterranean

By bringing pieces of Asian culture to our plates, we have been ensuring an unforgettable experience for our guests for over four years.

Ivan Momčilović, together with his close team, justifies the status of a top sushi chef every time. We make hot summers cool or cold winters warm with our delicates.

Always aiming for the best, Sushi Bar is the right place to indulge in a rhapsody of flavors with a pleasant ambience and a light Split breeze.

Sushi roll on plate
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Experience the flavors of Asia and the fantastic atmosphere every day!

Working hours:
Mon-Fri from 14:00 to 23:00
Sat-Sun from 14:00 to 00:00
We confirm the reservation by calling and email.